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デジタルシングル「maldivian night」
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韓国のシンセポップバンドUMTが、約1年振りの新曲「moldivian night」を本日デジタル配信した。同時にオフ
ィシャルYOU TUBEチャンネルでは、ジャケットアートワークのクリスタルキューブが光り輝くリリックビデオ
もアップされた。本国以外の配信ディストリビューションを担当するNiw! Recordsは、世界中でシティーポップを

今作、"maldivian night"は、近年世界的に起こっているシティ・ポップのブームの中で作られた、彼ら流のAORとなっている。前作に引き続き、彼らは、プロデューサーにFRONTIER BACKYARDのTGMXを迎え、緻密なアレンジをリモート作業にて国を越えて作り上げた。英国在住経験あるヒューの流暢な英語とハングル語によるボーカル、浮遊感あるシンセの音色は、この夏の夜に聞きたいアンセム曲になるだろう。

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楽曲名: maldivian night
配信日:2020年 7月 29日(水)

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The four-piece retro-futurism inspired South Korean collective, led by Hugh Keice, Sangkeun Lee, d'mois and Jinuk Jeong, offers a new interpretation of 80's synth wave. With a subtle disco groove basis, they pull out the dance moves by layering down Funkadelic influenced bass lines coupled with a blend of Phoenix meets Air-esque sound. The icing of the cake is the heavily dubbed falsetto voice followed by funky, crisp rhythm guitar works where you can clearly find the traces of nostalgic city pop but only updated with a modern touch of these seductive ultra modernists. Signed to diskunion group's Niw! Records based in Tokyo, they released their debut full length album ultramodernista in 2019, produced by TGMX from FRONTIER BACKYARD. Their initial breakthrough happened shortly after its release as their song "88" and themselves were featured in SAMSUNG Exynos 990 commercial which was aired worldwide. The synth pop collective continues to collaborate with international brands such as Dr. Martens and to name a few and is about to release their upcoming single "maldivian night" in 28th July 2020, known as a sequel to their favourable track "florida"

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